Reimagining Okanisi

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Welcome to our NFT exhibition | Launching in August

Reimaging Okanisi is an exhibition co-created by the Wooko Makandie Foundation

With this exhibition Wooko Makandie aims to preserve the Okanisi culture in a whole new way and spread more knowledge and awareness of the culture among youngsters and others interested. The Okanisi are one of the marron populations from Surinam, fugitives from various slave plantations, now spread across borders through diaspora.

The NFT’s in the exhibition are based on traditional pangi patterns and photo’s of the Okanisi. The pangi is a long, rectangular cloth that women from the Okanisi marron community wrap around their waists to above their navel. The pangi’s are still worn today and have unique patterns. The photo’s where found in The Dutch National Archive. Generally made by Dutch missionaries. They’re beautiful but also confrontational in some cases. These photos are part of our exhibition, Hidden Colonial Heritage, Back to the People.

We want to inspire and collect stories that emerge out of this exhibition or those already existing about the culture. These stories will be bundled in NFT’s created by our visitors.


Our Roadmap


By combining the well preserved culture by our elders within the community with emerging technologies, our purpose is to make our culture and heritage future proof. We aim to transfer our Okanisi culture and heritage in a way that resonates with the younger generations and a wider community, also willing to invest in the preservation of the culture.

As soon as our exhibition is launched you can view it here on our website. The exhibition will consist of NFT’s based on traditional pangi patterns. These NFT’s can be purchased.

In addition you can create your own NFT based on the ones out of our exhibition and based on your own story about the Okanisi culture. You can add this NFT to your own collection or donate it for our next exhibition.

You should participate in this project to gain and share knowledge about the Okanisi culture in a modern and engaging way. By participating in this project you are supporting our mission to preserve it. By sharing your story or creation in NFT form you can help spread more awareness of the Okanisi traditions and by donating your creation or purchasing a NFT you can help us pursue our mission.

We could not have realized this exhibition without the help of our following partners:

– WAC fellowship

– Fxhash

– Tezos

– Jari Wezir

– Dutch National Archive