Welcome to Wooko Makandie

The foundation for and by Ndyuka Marroons from Suriname. Wooko Makandie stands for “working together”. Together we are making an effort to preserve our material and immaterial cultural heritage. In addition, we want to make our cultural heritage more visible to the descendants of the Ndyuka Marroons and others interested in our rich culture.

Goals of the foundation

Our foundation pursues the goals as mentioned above mainly through initiating or contributing to various projects. As stated in our bylaws we are especially focus on actively involving Ndyuka descendants in our activities, to create a platform for personal and cultural growth.

On this website we are giving you an insight into the various recent, but also completed projects of our foundation which we make and made possible with our collaborative partners and sponsors.

You can also find general information about the past, present and future of the Ndyuka community. Whose members you can find all over the world connected by our own unique but also shared customs with other (Marroon) communities.

Feel free to follow our activities and please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions.


Pangi project

The pangi holds a very special place in within the Nduyka but also other Marron communities. The pangi is a long, rectangular cloth that women from the Marron community wrap around their waists to above their navels. But the pangi is more than just an object. It has a...

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Photo exposition

In 2021 we had the honour to access the photo collection of the National Archive and Utrechts Archive consisting of photo’s and video’s from the 50’s and 60’s on which images out of the Surinamese-Marron community is captured. This are pictures out of many different...

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Ditabiki museum fositen gudu

In 2015, the Gaanman, the head of the Ndyuka, submitted a request to the Dutch National office for Cultural Heritage (RCE) to advise, support and guide in the preservation, management and making the cultural heritage of the Ndyuka more visible, particularly in...

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